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  • What are the mandatory fields while creation of material master in differenOctober 11

    what are the mandatory fields while creation of material master in different views?Hi Gopi,   This is purely depends on the function configuration, which would be done MM consultants.  Kindly check with them. thanks & regards Kishore Kumar MaramRead

  • Refresh/Update data in a materialized viewOctober 11

    Hi, I have question about the data in a materialized view and how it is refreshed. My mat view has all my dimension-ids and my (for my specialize needs) aggregated measures from my fact table. I used the mat view wizard to create my view - which work

  • Material type not getting displayed in the cube........October 11

    Hi, In my infocube material type for one of the material is not getting displayed. When I check in the content of the cube for this material all the fileds are getting displayed except material type. However it is present in the material master data

  • Material Number is not in table PLPOOctober 11

    Gurus, I need to pull Material Production standard Time (Setup, Labor and Machine time) data from table PLPO into BW, however i do not see the field MATNR(Material) in this table. There is material group and BOM though. In this scenario, what are my

  • Report listing Material and Open PO QtyOctober 11

    Hello, Is there a standard report that can give me the following? Material | Open PO Qty This would be specified for a particular purchasing organization, they are just looking for what is currently on order amongst all of their materials and they do

  • Report for material with sloc,qty available, and production orderOctober 11

    hi friends, i need advice on getting this report for material with qty and specific sloc with the corresponding Prodn order numbers. in mb51 i could get all these details except the prodn order no. could you advice me please?to make sure you know how

  • Report for Comparison of Material QtyOctober 11

    Hi All, I need to Develop an Interactive report for Comparison of Material Qty. ordered through Purchase requisition, ordered material through PO and corresponding Material Receipt report. Can Someone Give a brief description about this & fields tcod

  • Report for Material at subcontract AND PO numberOctober 11

    We are preparing for Inventory verification at subcontractors. My boss believes it would be easier for the SC vendor if we could supply the PO number for which the material was shipped. I haven't found such a report.  Is there one? If you know the ta

  • Report for Req Material and Issue Material for Project/WBSOctober 11

    Dear All, My client need a report for a WBS element-wise material required and material issue with value. Let me know if any standard report avialble for same?? Or Incase of devlopment which are the tables we can use to Get req qty and issue qty of m

  • Follow-up materialOctober 11

    Hi, I need to search the material X for wich in field 'follow-up material' of material master data, I inserted the code Y. Is there a transaction , standard report or search help in mm03 that can help me? Regrds Sabrina PaoliniHi, It can be searched

  • Material Transaction Open Interface ErrorOctober 11

    Hi, I'm getting following Error in Cost Manager after running the Transaction Open Interface, Interface work well to update the stocks, but it returns error Layer Cost Worker Concurrent. Error1 Bills of Material: Version : 12.0.0 Copyright (c) 1979,

  • Material opening and closing stock for a given day- Tables or FMOctober 11

    Dear Friends          i have to make a report  , related to Material opening and closing stock for a given day  , i check the T-Code- MB5B , it is not giving correct date . is any functional module is available  ? . i checked some table like mbew , m

  • Automatic TO creation and confirmation for a Material documentOctober 11

    Hi Dear All, i am new to MM andWM. I have to customization for auto transfer orders and confirmations for material documents what ever created with 101 movement type in Inventory Management. I have down configuration like below. SPRO->Logistics Execu

  • Different material description in one language for single materialOctober 11

    Hi folks,     Is it possible to maintain different material descriptions (In one language-english) for a single material. if it so how can u provide me steps. Thx in advance, Neelima.NHi, For a single material code maintaining multiple text in the sa

  • How can I fast refresh the  materialized view !!October 11

    I created a MV base on some tables in order to improve the querey speed. but the mv I have created falied to refresh fast. because there are two same table in the from clause: jcdm jc1,jcdm jc2 create materialized view temp_mv nologging pctfree 0 sto

  • How to get Materialized View to ignore unused columns in source tableOctober 11

    When updating a column in a source table, records are generated in the corresponding materialized view log table. This happens even if the column being updated is not used in any MV that references the source table. That could be OK, so long as those

  • Materialized View to run only once in a year...October 11

    Hi everybody... I want to create a materialized view which will run only once in a year and specifically some minutes after 00:00 a.m. on new year's day, so i created the following: CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW <mv_name> BUILD IMMEDIATE REFRESH START WI

  • How to check a material being blocked by system at current time?October 11

    hi, is there a method to to check a material being blocked by system at current time? Thanks!Call the function module ENQUEUE_EMMARAE with the required material number. If sy-subrc is not 0, after the function module has executed completely then the

  • Is it possible to refresh the table from a Materialized viewOctober 11

    Hi, Is it possible to update the underlying table on which a Materialized view is created when some changes in a Materialized view is done.Is this reverse compatibility possible in Materialized View? Thanks in Advance, V.DennisIf you created the mate

  • The data of my materialized view....in the whileOctober 11

    Hello We have problems with materialized views We have one wich re-build each a short period of time ¿Can i avoid the data to dissapear in the time process of refresh? Is so annoing to our clients to see that "from time to time" the data just di

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