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  • Crash using Air on all apps  NY Times Reader and BBC IplayerOctober 11

    Any app that requires Air I am getting a crash report. Process:         Times Reader [3066] Path:            /Applications/Times Reader.app/Contents/MacOS/Times Reader Identifier:      com.nyt.timesreader.78C54164786ADE80CB31E1C5D95607D0938C987A.1 Ve

  • Safari 5.1.2 on Lion crashing when I view DownloadsOctober 11

    Hello all! I've had this problem for a while now and figured I'd finally try the community for help. I've done my fair share of searching for answers, but I give up!! So Safari normally works great for me. Until I download something. Now it doesn't m

  • After update from snow leopard to lion, error message when trying to open a software just installedOctober 11

    Dear support team, I just update from Snow Leopard to Lion and i installed a software as soon as i open it, it crash with the report below: rocess:     Stage [723] Path:        /Applications/Toon Boom Harmony 9.2/Stage.app/Contents/MacOS/Stage Identi

  • Logic pro 9 won't openOctober 11

    When i try to launch logic pro it says the following,my software is version 10.7.2 Process:         Logic Pro [1545] Path:            /Applications/Logic Pro.app/Contents/MacOS/Logic Pro Identifier:      com.apple.logic.pro Version:         9.0.0 (16

  • When trying to open final cut pro 7 I get the following error:  EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)October 11

    Process:         Final Cut Pro [1077] Path:            /Applications/Final Cut Studio/Final Cut Pro.app/Contents/MacOS/Final Cut Pro Identifier:      com.apple.FinalCutPro Version:         7.0.3 (7.0.3) Build Info:      FCPApp-1008261348~8 Code Type:

  • Safari keeps crashing at start upOctober 11

    Just today when I try to open safari, it crashes every time at start up. The night before, I was able to load it and surf the web for a little while before it crashes. Today though, it just won't open. It seems to be loading for a few seconds then cr

  • After uploading to lion i have upgrade to iphoto 11 and it crash all timesOctober 11

    I want to solve this problem and i dont want to loose my photos . can you help me? thanks This is the crash rapport: rocess:         iPhoto [1161] Path:            /Applications/iPhoto.app/Contents/MacOS/iPhoto Identifier:      com.apple.iPhoto Versi

  • Can't install AIR or BBC iPlayerOctober 11

    Hi, i have a MacBook Pro with Lion 10.7.2, 2011 version Macbook. ince i bought the laptop i've had BBC iPlayer and AIR installed. In the last 2 months however i think eith iPlayer, or AIR have updated, now BBC iPlayer doesnt run. I've tried uninstall

  • Logic 9 downloaded from app-store, crash at start over and over (Lion 10.7.2)October 11

    I just bought a brand new iMac 21, installed with the latest OSX (10.7.2) I installed Logic Pro from the app-store and when launching Logic, it crashes over and over again. Sometimes it lets me see the Logic menue at the top left, but when clicking s

  • Imovie '11 Crashing in Lion 10.7.2 on startup-anyone able to decipher crash report?October 11

    Once again, don't mean to start yet another thread about iMovie '11 crashing upon startup in OSX Lion 10.7.2, but this has me baffled.  iMovie will not get past the bouncing icon, and then the crash happens.  The program doesn't actually open at all.

  • Illustrator keeps crashing on launchOctober 11

    Hi I have been using Illustrator on my Mac Pro now for approx 6 months with no issues, today I was working in illustrator, quit out to use Vectorworks. Had to go back into Illustrator and now will not start up. I get the splash screen and once the fo

  • Illustrator CC Crashes on Launch... Agian (Most of the Time)October 11

    Okay so here is the issue: Illustrator CC crashes on launch most times I open. Somehow, with no explanation it will just work, but it crashes at least 4-5 times before it will. About a month ago (when I updated to 17.1) I had an issue where it crashe

  • Illustrator CC crash on start - Mac OSX 10.9.2October 11

    Message Bellow - Process:         Adobe Illustrator [23652] Path:            /Applications/Adobe Illustrator CC/Adobe Illustrator.app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe Illustrator Identifier:      com.adobe.illustrator Version:         17.1.0 (17.0.0) Code Type: 

  • Save file in different nameOctober 11

    How can I save the screenshot image in different names? Example:When button 1 is click save in screenshot1.jpg, then button 1 is click again save in screenshot2.jpg ......etc Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.

  • Mail crashes in lion if email has special attachmentOctober 11

    Hello, every time I started Mail it crashed. After disabling the account it worked. When enabling again, it crashes. I could find out which email caused the problem by forwarding it to another account. It was one mail with two attachment. An HTML fil

  • Illustrator CC (17.0.0) will not launch on OSX 10.9.1October 11

    I launch illustrator and it starts loading. Then I get the error that says Illustrator CC quit unexpectedly. I don't have any third party plug ins and I don't use a Wacom. I searched for that driver anyway and it doesn't exist. I tried the obm.db fix

  • Adobe Illustrator Crashing/UpdatingOctober 11

    Hey, i just bought CC and downloaded all my softwares, they are all freshly updated. When i try to open Illustrator, it just crashes on splash screen. It happend once yesterday, so i reinstalled it and it worked for some hours. Also, it keeps asking

  • Illustrator CC Suddenly Crashes when mouse cursor moves a drawn objectOctober 11

    I've relaunched and tried re-installing Illustrator CC twice and didn't solve this unexpected crash problem. It has never happened since I paid for this software months ago. Illustrator won't crash when: - using the keyboard arrows to manually move a

  • Illustrator CC Quits Unexpectedly When Moving PathsOctober 11

    It works fine until I try to move a path, any path, that I've drawn with the pen tool.  It happens on any file I work in  When I do, it quits and gives me the message below.  I haven't a clue how to interpret any of that.  Suggestions, please? Proces

  • Unstable Illustrator CC after 10.9.2 upgradeOctober 11

    After upgrading to Mac OS 10.9.2 on my brand new MacBook Pro my illustrator CC has become extreamly unstable keeps crashing. Any insight on how to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated. Crash report is below... Process:         Adobe Illustrato

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