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  • Unable to install SQL server 2000 and 2005 on Satellite A205-s5831October 11

    Hello everyone. I Needs some helps from all of you. I have Toshiba Laptop Satellite A205-S5831. Its Have Windows Vista Home Premium. And I am unable to install SQL server 2000 and 2005. I also Unable to Install Windows XP SP2. Problem is SATA driver.

  • Upgrade on Satellite A205-s4607October 11

    Hi I have a toshiba A205 - s4607, ith 2GB RAM (DDR2 PC2-5300, DDR2 (non-ECC) ) and one 200.0 GB - Serial ATA-150 - 4200.0 rpm. The laptop is absolutely original in terms of hardware, i just changed the original Vista Home for Win7 Ultimate 64bits. I

  • Satellite A205: Dynadock - How to connect to LCD TV with HDMI to DVI cableOctober 11

    I recently purchased this product and had a problem when connecting it to my LCD TV. I used a HDMI to DVI cable to connect it to the TV. Only a small portion of the full display shows on the TV. I have adjusted all setting on the laptop (Satellite A2

  • Satellite A205: Bluetooth USB dongle will no longer connect to AirCableOctober 11

    I plugged a generic Bluetooth USB dongle into my Satellite A205 and used it for several hours over three days to connect to an AirCable Serial Bluetooth to run my telescope controller. The generic dongle worked after downloading a Toshiba stack. Each

  • Satellite A205-S4607 doesn't start after windows vista updateOctober 11

    Hello, I was installing windows vista updates, but the battery was low and the computer turned off, then, the computer doesn´t start, only the hard disc led is light but the screen is black, please can you help me? The model is Satellite A205 -S4607T

  • Satellite A205 will not boot after Pixela ImageMixer 3 installOctober 11

    Help! I've had my Satellite (A205 S5804) for a year and a half, and it's been great...until last night. I purchased a Canon camcorder, and went to install the Pixela ImageMixer 3. After following the on-screen install instructions, it recommended I d

  • My DVD-CD Rom dose not work on my Satellite A205-S4639October 11

    The DVD/CD ROM drive on my A205-S4639 does not work when I load no matter what kind of CD or DVD media disc. My drive recocnized on my pc and in the device manager as well with no problem, but when ever I load blank CD or any soft ware CD it would no

  • No sound when I connect my A205-S5831 to my tvOctober 11

    I have followed all the tv and laptop manuals but I cannot get the sound on my tv to work when I hook my A205-S5831 laptop to my Toshiba REGZA 42HL67.  I can get video but no sound.  Can anyone help me please?First thing to check is if the headphone

  • A205-S5825 Dvd-Rom not working after reinstallOctober 11

    My hard drive on my A205-S5825 recently failed and I took it in for repair. After a couple of weeks I got it back with a new hard drive and everything seemed fine. I went to play a disc in my rom drive and I realize it cannot be found. It's not in th

  • Problem with Toshiba A205-S4617October 11

    Problem Description The computer freezes up randomly, not allowing any kind of action, just shutting down with the on/off button. This happens in safe mode too. It has the particularity that one can not turn on/shut down/Log off, if the computer is c

  • A205-5809 - I cannot bring up the Control Panel or do a System RestoreOctober 11

    Hello. I am the Chairman of our church fundraiser and I have inherited a laptop from the previous Chairman. I am not used to working on a Toshiba and really not used to working with Vista. When I first got the computer I downloaded Microsoft Office H

  • View questions regarding the Satellite A205-S5859October 11

    I would like to know the following: 1. Is there a problem with the speakers from it first use. The sound volume degrades. You have to set it to 100. 2. Can I upgrade the onboard video to a dedicated video ? 3. What's the maximum memory for this model

  • A205-S5804 "Dark Screen" start-upOctober 11

    My A205-S5804 (P/N PSAF3U-0NR00V) starts up with the screen totally dark until it gets to the mouse pointer and "circulating ring", just before the circular Windows logo. Before that there SHOULD BE (which I still see on my wife's unaffected com

  • Re: Satellite A205-S5825 - DV Camcorder not recognized by firewireOctober 11

    I have a Satellite A205-S5825 and I cannot get it to recognize my Canon DV camcorder connected by a firewire cable. The same camera works perfectly with my desktop PC. My wife also has a Satellite, an A215 and this does not recognize the camcorder ei

  • A205-s4777 crashing - video processor?October 11

    I have had my A205-S4777 for a couple years now without any major problems.  Starting a few months ago, it started either powering itself down or completely freezing at seemingly random times.  The first thing I did was reformat the hard drive and do

  • Black SOD after Vista Updates on Satellite A205-S5804November 30

    I have a Satellite A205-S5804 laptop running Vista Home Premium. It ran fine until an automatic update (about a month ago). Then I got the Black Screen Of Death during bootup (somewhere after the Vista starts to load but prior to the user logon). Too

  • A205-S7464 DVD Drive doesnt read cds!November 30

    I have a A205-S7464 Laptop. running windows vista home edition sp1. my dvd drive doesnt read any cds! i dont know whats wrong. Could it be a driver issue? does it need to be updated or is the drive defective all together? the drive shows up in window

  • Satellite A205 - Start up and battery removal/insertionNovember 30

    My Satellite A205-S4607 will be two years old in May 2009 (purchased at a retailer). Have been reasonably satisfied with the equipment, but in the last few months several times I've had start up issues. But the solution so far, luckily, turns out to

  • Satellite A205-S5843: Unknown WLAN card & some buttons don't workNovember 30

    OK one problem im probably get laughed at the other not First problem. I have no idea what a network adapter is. My first thought is wireless internet because it says it has a wireless card in it but i can only connect to a network and nothing else e

  • How to reset or restore to factory settings A205-S4617 sateliteNovember 30

    I have a A205-S4617 Satelite that I bought just over a year ago from Circuit City and I am having alot of problems with it . I think it would be easier and faster just to return it back to the way it was when I first bought it . I want it to be the w

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