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  • Airport Express Model A1088 with Time Capsule Model A1254 configuration problems.November 30

    I have a Time Capsule Model A1254 and an Airport Express Model A1264. I run OSX 10.7.4. When I try to configure an older Airport Express Model A1088 the Time capsule does not recognise the older Airport Express after I configure it using Airport Util

  • How can use my Airport Express 802.11n with IOS X 10.9.4?November 30

    I have two Airport Express unit (802.11n) used to connect my upstairs and downstairs HiFi amps to my music collection (On a Mac mini and on my MacBook).  I keep my software up to date and my Airport Express units have now lost connectivity with my up

  • Setup Airport Express as a repeater for Time capsule network?November 30

    Can any one provide detailed instructions, or provide a link where I can find these instructions? Current Setup: TimeWarner Cable Modem/Router (Arris TG852) > Time Capsule router (A1254) This has created two networks. One from the TW Router and the o

  • Airport Express extends 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz or just one at a time?October 11

    I recently switched my dual band Time Capsule to use different names for the 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz networks. Will the Airport Express extend both or just one at a time, if so, which one will it extend? I have two Airport Express modules, bought a long ti

  • Wireless modem and Airport Express.. one at a timeOctober 11

    Recently my internet provider upgraded my old plug in modem to a newer wireless model. Now it seems that the current setting allow communication with only one or the other at the same time. If I want to be online with the wireless modem and send my i

  • ITunes 8: I can no longer connect to remote speakers via Airport ExpressOctober 11

    Cannot connect to my remote speakers, worked before iTunes 8" I have restarted the computer, iTunes, QT 7.5.5, run disk utility I get the following error code (-3256) Apple KB research says: AirTunes: Error -3256 when streaming to multiple AirPort Ex

  • Airport Utility 5.6 will no longer read Airport Express Configuration; no longer able to stream from MacBook ProOctober 11

    I have an old airport express ( 1st one ever I think)  up until today I was able to use it with iTunes and also Airfoil to stream music.  Today I cannot stream music from my MacBook Pro 2008 ( OS X 10.8.3)  Airfoil sees the Airport Express but cannot

  • Itunes 10 and Airplay no longer works with my Airport ExpressOctober 11

    As soon as I installed the update, my Airport Express (802.11g I think) has stopped working. You can JUST hear a faint audio signal if you turn the amp up full. Any ideas gratefully received.I noticed this too and think it's by design. The new master

  • Canon i860 driver no longer shows in airport expressOctober 11

    I've been printing to a canon i860 via airport express without incident for a year now. I only do it when I travel on business, so it’s like twice a quarter. I’m out on a trip now and got everything setup only to find that in printer setup utility it

  • Airtunes no longer working with AirPort Express? can anyone help?!October 11

    so i recently bought a refurbished airport express and i loved how i could stream audio over the wireless network via airtunes but the delay was a bit annoying so i took it upon myself to try and find a solution to this. I bought a reverse audio spli

  • ITunes update no longer connects to AirPort ExpressOctober 11

    Sympton exists on both iMac and iBook even after permissions updated with Disk Utility. Anyone have any thoughts?I am using Airport Express also but have not had any trouble with the iTunes 6.0.4 update. Is your AE firmware up-to-date? Try resetting

  • Wired computers unable to see printer on Airport Express...help?October 11

    Hi all, I recently set up an Airport Extreme on our office network to offer wireless network access piggybacked on our wired router. I then purchased an Airport Express which I was planning on using as a wireless print server for our Canon i9900 for

  • I am unable to use apps on my iPhone 3GS, apple TVs & iPad mini - Airport ExpressOctober 11

    I currently have an airport express and Netgear ADSL2+ modem.  I also have an iPhone 3GS, 2 apple TVs, iPad mini, and iMac (circa 2008). The only device that is working properly is the 2008 iMac. All other devices show that I have 5 bar signal but do

  • Unable to see Airport Express from Windows Airport UtilityOctober 11

    I am setting up an Airport Express to connect remote speakers for a friend with windows base system. The router is a TrendNet. I have managed to add the Airport Express to the network. I can ping the router, and if I put in the IP address to Airport

  • Looking for help on connecting Airport Express to Belkin F5D7230-4October 11

    I have been reading post after post with a similar problem with help. From other post, it sounds like this Belkin router will work with Airport Express(AE), but I have not found help on how to make it work. Here is the problem. I need to extend my in

  • Unable to print to my Oki C3200 via Airport ExpressOctober 11

    Hi I wish to print wirelessly via Airport Express using my Oki C3200 printer. I have followed all the recommended install procedures. I am using a Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit PC, have configured the printer with Bonjour for Windows, and still c

  • Unable to get Airport Express to extend Time Capsule via WDSOctober 11

    Hi all, I have a Time Capsule that's a couple years old, and recently decided to try to extend its network given that we recently did a lot of re-arranging things in our home.  I followed the instructions posted here for using version 5.5.2 of the Ai

  • Unable to connect to Internet via Airport Express - 'cannot contact server'October 11

    I'm unable to connect to the internet via my Airport Express. I'm using OS 10.3.9, and had the same setup with no problems at a previous address, but with a different modem from the same ISP. My AE is connected - the light is green - and my mac is co

  • Unable to Re-Setup Airport Express via iPhone or OSXOctober 11

    Hi, folks - Am temporarily in a friend's house and want to reconfigure my airport express for music playback. Have never had issues with the AE before, but I can't get it configured - either via iphone or imac. I have my iMac and iPhone 5s both on my

  • Unable to access internet via Airport ExpressOctober 11

    Hi. I'm have trouble connecting to the internet using my Airport Express. When I plug in my DSL modem to the unit, I get the solid green light. My Macbook is able to connect to the airport, and to other computers on the same Airport. However, none of

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