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a1175 battery wont charge fix

  • My sons macbook 13 when I plug in to charge battery wont charge even after I bought new adaptor pugNovember 30

    how to fix my sons battery  wont charge in fact when you plug it in . The macbook does not show it is plugged in.  Does anyone know how to fix this problem.  I even got a new plug adaptor.  and It does not even show that it is plugged in, this is a b

  • My ipod touch 2g 8gb has no battery, wont charge on my pc or on my outlet 220W, and it wont turn on.November 30

    My ipod touch 2g 8gb has no battery, wont charge on my pc (Hp Pavilion g6 intel Pentium 2.2Ghz, 2 gb) or on my outlet 220W, and it wont turn on. What should I do?Hi there fCdawg123! I have an article here that can address this issue for you and give

  • HT1476 My battery wont charge instead the battery gets drainedNovember 30

    I recently bought the iphone 5 in November and ever since it has had problems with the battery, As most people have. Recently my battery has gone down quicker and quicker. Now for some reason my battery wont charge at all. when connecting to the char

  • Battery wont charge at high loads all of a sudden?!November 30

    ANy help here would be appriciates, asap! thanks:P All of a sudden, as of today, my battery wont charge when the mbp is under a high load. I thought it was just not charging (was not charging in wow) and then realised as soon as i quit, it started to

  • My new battery wont charge at all...???November 30

    I just replaced my battery in my Macbook Pro because my old battery wouldnt hold a charge.  My new battery wont charge at all...???  Could it be the adapter?  The green light is on.Have you reset the SMC?Read other 2 answers

  • Satellite L655 - battery wont chargeNovember 30

    Hi Can you help me please? my battery wont charge Toshiba Satellite L655 , I have Buy it last year my warranty finish. Every time I have to remove the battery and put it in then the battery is charging and the led for battery get yellow until it get

  • My battery wont charge so I bought a new one!October 11

    Okay so recently my battery stopped charging. I have had my macbook for 2 years so I figured it was time for a new battery... I went online and bought a new one but it still wont charge! What should I do? Heres my battery info if that helps anything

  • Help, Battery wont charge even though light is greenNovember 30

    My Ibook G4 has stopped charging, it will show the amber light as if it is charging but the little battery wont show charge on my Ibook. Anyone have an ideas?cut and paste your batttey info from System Info here, and we can help diagnose...Read other

  • Kernel_task 336% usage and Battery wont charge (MacBook Air 2012medio 11")November 30

    Hi Apple fans. I've a one year old MacBook Air, 2012 Medio 11" 1.7ghz Intel Core 5, 4GB ram, Intel Graphics 4000 - and Mountoun Lion installed. The problem is, that its awfully slow. It startet last week, where I bootet up normally, and saw the Batte

  • New battery wont chargeNovember 30

    I just got a new battery in the mail today and it wont charge!! theres a battery icon with a red X through it . help! Amy TiceHi and Welcome to the Community! Please try this sequence...note that, throughout the entire 4h15m process, your BB must rem

  • My battery wont charge and my mac is brand new just says not charging will only work through chargerNovember 30

    the battery on my macbook air wont charge and will only work plugged into the charger its brand new only brought in july this year dont know why had to replace the charger as my son snapped the magnetic bit off it but now its saying not charging and

  • Ipad 2 battery wont chargeNovember 30

    The battery on my ipad 2 suddenly wont charge. Using original cable on wall outletTry giving your iPad a reset. Hold down the sleep and home keys until you see the silver apple. Let it reboot and try again.Read other 3 answers

  • Red Light Battery Wont ChargeNovember 30

    Battery went dead and went to charge it and got red led light and wont charge i've tried everything and it wont charge help pleaseHello ! Disconnect your device from the charger . Now pull out the battery and reinsert it again for the Power Restart.

  • Macbook battery wont chargeNovember 30

    My macbook wont charge the battery and keeps on shutting  offHow old is this computer?? Apple Batteries http://www.apple.com/batteries/ - Is a link to our apple web page explaining about your computers battery.  Also, look in the lower right corner o

  • Ipad battery wont chargeNovember 30

    ipad 2 battery wont show higher than 3% charge?  tried multiple plugs/adapters.  Anybody else have this issue, what was final solution?ipad 2 battery wont show higher than 3% charge?  tried multiple plugs/adapters.  Anybody else have this issue, what

  • My ibook battery wont charge no matter what i do.November 30

    i went to unplug my ibook g4 and i got a shock, after that i noticed my adapter plug wasnt lighting up at all. after that i noticed my battery wasnt charging at all. i asked my friend what i should do and he told me to drain the battery and reset it.

  • T 750 battery wont chargeNovember 30

    T 750 and WM 6 pro. Since last week the device started to experiment charging troubles. Before battery died I placed a new one. Same problem different day. The system, the led, the wall charger, the car energy saving/charger indicates that battery wa

  • Satellite A70 new battery wont chargeNovember 30

    I finally bought a replacement battery for my very old laptop as the original one that came with it has done its life after 5 yrs of loyal service. Anyway the strange thing is when I first put the new battery in with my laptop turned off the battery

  • My battery  wont charge and its not being recognized.October 11

    Okay, I got my MacBook yesterday (4-7-08) and I noticed that it wasn't charging. Went through all the different ways of trying to fix it and have come to the conclusion that it is a bad battery. I called customer service today and all my spec. and wh

  • New ipod, battery wont charge - any suggestions?November 30

    I have had my ipod for less than 6 months and the battery charged without issue using any sort of charging station but it stopped charging a few days ago. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?Try the standard fixes: - Reset. Nothing will be

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