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5800 xm sound not right

  • 5800 no sound from right side in headphonesOctober 11

    I've tried changing headphones and made sure the right option is selected in the menu that comes when you plug in the headphones but I can hear sound only from the left side. It applies to both music player and radio. This is a brand new phone. Solve

  • Nokia 5610 Bluetooth too slow!!!November 30

    My Nokia 5610 XpressMusic phone's Bluetooth is working too slow. It takes up to 3-4 minutes to transfer a files 2 megabytes in size. WHY???!!! 3310 >>> 8250 >>> 3120 >>> 6070 >>> 5300 XpressMusic >>> 6120 Class

  • Camera Sounds in 5800 XpressmusicNovember 30

    There is no option to disable the camera sounds in this phone. Is there any way to do it? Solved! Go to Solution.Ray1 wrote: Of cos there is a way, download this simple plugin and and install it. http://www.applicationsnokia5800.com/how-to-disable-ca

  • Nokia 5800 Sound problems in music playerNovember 30

    Having a weird problem with the music player.  When you choose a song to play, there is no sound unless you press either volume button, then the sound works normally.  I have tried this in all different profiles, with and without headphones and nothi

  • Transferring sound clips from 5800 to pcOctober 11

    Does anyone else have a problem with this? First it took me AGES to find where the sound clip was located, only to find it mixed in my music player with the other music. And then when i tried to transfer it through the Nokia Music software to the PC.

  • Sound but no video on my 5800October 11

    Hi.  Can anyone help me - when i put mpg4s on my phone it won't play the picture?! Also, are there ways of playing avi videos and other formats? Much thanks for any assistance. Davin Message Edited by scuders on 02-May-2009 05:10 PMhi, 5800XM can ver

  • Nokia 5800, sporadic: All sounds played via earpie...November 30

    Hello, After updating to the latest FW (V 50.0.005) I have the following problem. Sometimes all sounds are played via the earpiece (music, videos, youtube etc). Inserting and removing the headphones has no effect. The only way to resolve the problem

  • Nokia 5800 - can you turn sound OFF buttons ?November 30

    ...is there any way to turn off the beeb when pressing the GREEN, WHITE and RED 'hard' buttons at the bottom of the phone.... ?Yes, the setting is in your current profile. Menu > Settings > Personal > Profiles > Selected your current profile,

  • NOKIA 5800 Sound Quality PROBLEM!!!!November 30

    I can't hide my disappointment with this phone... I was expecting much more for my 430 Euros = 840 AUD which I paid, I can't hear other side properly ? if anyone said this to me that this is going to be a problem with nokia phone I would tell himt ha

  • Nokia 5800 Tips, Review, FAQs and How-to tutorialsOctober 11

    Hi, guys. Here I worked out comprehensive Nokia tutorial with my lovely Nokia 5800. You will find all the most commonly asked questions for Nokia 5800. Review of My Nokia 5800 I got one 5800 last month and then I was deeply fascinated by this smart p

  • Problem with Flash Lite in Nokia 5800 XpressMusic-Problema con Flash Lite en Nokia 5800 XpressMusicOctober 11

    I've got a problem playing videos in YouTube with my 5800. Recently I updated my version of Flash Lite to 3.1,  from that day I can't see correctly videos on YouTube, when the the indicator of the bar reaches 1/4 of the totallity of the bar, the soun

  • 5800 XM lifestory - get your popcorn ready peopleOctober 11

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here as I don't know where else to put it. It is quite long as it will go through alot of problems I have occured and I dont know what to do so please help. It may give you soloutions to some of your problems too

  • Nokia 5800 Questions.October 11

    I posted this in the nokia 5800 problems topic but it actually wasn't a problem and also it got ignored. So I decided to post it in a new topic. I just bought this phone 4 days ago and I am in total love with it Now the pros of this phone are too muc

  • Nokia 5800 behaves strangeOctober 11

    When i purchased Nokia 5800, i found it really good and i thought, this is my best phone till date. But lately, it really made me bad with tons of bugs showing every other day. Here are the list. 1- Install many applications in your phone and your sc

  • 5800 - problems after installing skypeOctober 11

    Hey all, I have a 5800 which I have been using without issue for 6 months or so. Several days ago, I decided to install the Skype app, for whatever reason.  However, once I did this, several problems suddenly sprang up. First, when I receive a text m

  • 5800 V40 Firmware: Calendar ProblemOctober 11

    Yesterday I updated my firmware to version v40  This moring I had a reminder in my Calendar of my nokia 5800, when a reminder is show the screen it is different then before, Only one problem the touchscreen won't react, when i push stop nothing happe

  • 5800 firmware v4.0.0.5 problem: will not turn off ...October 11

    the stupid firmware had some bug. once the keypad is locked, try to charge your phone by plugging in the charger. The screen will light up and it will NEVER turn off unless you unlock the keypad. this is wasting batery. WTH.Dear all kindly visit the

  • 5800 camera picture clarity.October 11

    i bought the 5800 recently and was blown away to have this phone.... but the camera looks like a let down in bad light.. the pics that i took came out grainy and hazy at night.. bright light pics are really gud... Also the game that i have on my phon

  • Call waiting notifications on Nokia 5800!!!!October 11

    I have a small problem. When I call somebody from my nokia 5800 and that person is talking to smb., so my call is on waiting, i don't hear anything and i don't even see it on my screen. So i don't know if that person is not answering or is on a call.

  • 5800 Casing ProblemOctober 11

    I've been using a Nokia 5800 since January, mostly with the casing but its suffered a few minor faults here & there. A month back i noticed long rubbery black strips protruding from underneath the casing along the side of the screen. I could barely p

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