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451 4.4.0 Socket error SocketError

  • Primary target ip address responded with 421.4.4.2 connection dropped due to socket errorNovember 30

    Hi, I'm getting this error when attempting to send messages to a domain rcmoore.com. I'm unable to send or receive messages from this domain. And my exchange 2010 queue viewer gives me an error : 451.4.4.0 Primary target ip address responded with 421

  • When I try to log on to my ichat I get the error message "An undefined AIM socket error has occurred.". How do I resolve this?October 11

    The error message "An undefined AIM socket error has occurred." comes up when I try and log on to ichat.I have the same issue. Does anybody know why this has happenedRead other 2 answers

  • If I copy the "lcds" folder, Tomcat starts with socket errorsOctober 11

    In the documentation it is said that when you create a new server-side application, you can start by copying the 'webapps/lcds' folder. I did that but then, Tomcat starts with some socket errors: [LCDS]SocketServer 'my-rtmp-SocketServer' failed to pr

  • Imap performance and socket errorsOctober 11

    -bash-3.00$ imsimta version Sun Java(tm) System Messaging Server 6.2-8.04 (built Feb 28 2007) libimta.so 6.2-8.04 (built 19:28:07, Feb 28 2007) SunOS vmpm1 5.10 Generic_141414-02 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V490 We're experiencing imap problems that ap

  • Getting "Error Establishing Socket " error while running the applicationOctober 11

    Hi, Can Any one help me as I getting the following error while inserting data into database for after some rows and will insert for some rows then again some error . I googled but but didnt get any proper solution. Soultion what I got it is 1) turn o

  • The system cannot find the file specified.Windows sockets error code:2.October 11

    Hi All,   I am on MDM 5.5 SP6.   I am getting the following error message when trying to logging in to the DM. The system cannot find the file specified.Windows sockets error code:2.This application will now exit. Runtime Error : Program C :\Program

  • Unrecognized Windows Sockets Error: 0: JVM_BindOctober 11

    I'm not entirely sure if I compacted this well enough, but after class declaration and method calling, it is essentially what my program does. Server server = new Server(); // Creates a ServerSocket and binds it to a port. Client client = new Client(

  • Unrecognized Windows Sockets error: 10106: createOctober 11

    Am getting the following error when I use tcp-mon to sniff the HTTP traffic. Same when I use SOAP-UI. I'm using windows 7 and using "jdk1.6.0_13". Any help on this pls . java.net.SocketException: Unrecognized Windows Sockets error: 10106: create

  • Unrecognized Windows Sockets error...October 11

    Hello everybody! I am encountering the following problem, when I try to run a program which wants to access the internet. I pasted an extract from the source code here, which I think includes the critical lines: import java.net.*; import java.io.*; c

  • Socket Error on RecieveOctober 11

    Hi Experts. when i try to export repository schema (or) Export Change file from the console, it is displaying "Socket Error on Recieve" and i am unable to perform any kind of operation. I have repaired, refreshed, stoped and started repository a

  • IP SLA UDP-ECHO socket errorNovember 30

    have this configuration on ASR1002F router. Trying to setup IP Sla so that we can monitor the delay on WAN interfaces. Would like to send UDP-ECHO from one router to another across the WAN.   I need to send and receive on fixed port numbers. Keep get

  • No more data to read from socket error.November 30

    Oracle Version SQL> select * from v$version; BANNER Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production PL/SQL Release - Production CORE      Production TNS for Linux: Version - Production

  • [AGENT] socket error: [object XrayWrapper [object Event]]; readyState=3. Perhaps Helper is not running on ws:// or is shutting down? console.error: onepassword:November 30

    hi in terminal, i am seeing this message. [AGENT] socket error: [object XrayWrapper [object Event]]; readyState=3. Perhaps Helper is not running on ws:// or is shutting down? is something missing that should be running i dont underst

  • Socket error on receive message on MDM 7.1 ConsoleNovember 30

    Greetings - This may be a simple question, but I couldn't find a solution, so here goes: I have a new install for MDM: OS: B.11.31 U ia64 (HP Unix) MDM: DB: Oracle MDM Console Client : I have MDM server and database on sam

  • Socket Error: Address already in useNovember 30

    Hello all, I'm trying to get the Trac bug tracking system installed on my system(running snow leopard). After quite a bit of tinkering I've managed to install Trac, but as of now, its a standalone entity. I am trying to get this linked to the apache

  • Socket errors w/ JRockit?November 30

    We haven't isolated the problem to JRockit yet, but I'm wondering if there have been any reports of unusual numbers of Socket errors w/ JRockit. We're getting an unusually high number of "Socket closed" exceptions, both from Tomcat and our own j

  • Unable to read Password Server response - socket error on socketNovember 30

    Hi, I'm experiencing the following at the OD replica: 2014-06-03 12:13:06.424616 FET - 592.1446486 - Client: Python, UID: 93, EUID: 93, GID: 93, EGID: 93 2014-06-03 12:13:06.424616 FET - 592.1446486, Node: /LDAPv3/, Module: AppleODClientPWS

  • I get Messages error "An undefined AIM socket error has occurred."November 30

    For the last two days every time I try to connect to AIM in messages I get this error "An undefined AIM socket error has occurred." I have quit the app, changed servers, trashed the Prefs but none of these have cured the problem. Any suggestions

  • ORA-17410: No more data to read from socket errorNovember 30

    Hi iam getting "No more data to read from socket error" on tomcat screen. I have tried to explain the scenario, thats why it looks lengthy. Any help is appreciated. The application is calling a procedure which inturn tries to load class files an

  • Mysql socket error 2002November 30

    I've read all about this error and have played around with it for a while and still can't get it to work. This is how I got to where I am. 1. installed OS X Server fresh and updated to 10.4.7 2. installed entrophy php 5.1.4 from the installer pkg 3.

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