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  • Open TRs show in LL01 for Mvmt type 261, wrong SL on production orderOctober 11

    Hi all, I have the following issue We have roughly 2000 open transfer requirements related to movement type 261 GI to order. They all show up as critical processes in LL01 (Warehouse Activity Monitor) I have looked at the production orders being crea

  • Allow mov type 261 and 262 for a material type onlyOctober 11

    Requirement is to allow movt type 261 and 262 for a particular material type.( Assume Only 261 - 262 issue transactions happen against that material type.) User to be restricted, while material issue (migo), for the material type XXXX to 261 - 262 mo

  • The attempt to burn a disc failed, unknown error (261). Can't back up to CDOctober 11

    The attempt to burn a disc failed, unknown error (261). I get this message every time I try to back up my music from itunes on to a CD. It doesn't matter if I try to back up all music or only music purchased from itunes. So far I have not been able t

  • The attempt to burn a disc failed, unknown error (261) Can't back up on CDOctober 11

    The attempt to burn a disc failed, unknown error (261). I get this message every time I try to back up my music from itunes on to a CD. It doesn't matter if I try to back up all music or only music purchased from itunes. So far I have not been able t

  • I have error code 261 I ran a test and here are my results.  Need helpOctober 11

    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 (Build 2600) Compaq Presario 06 P8654B-ABA 6000T NA910 iTunes CD Driver CD Driver DLL LowerFilters: PxHelp20 (, Pfc (, UpperFilters: GEARAspiWDM (, in

  • CD/DVD Problems w/7.3: Error 261 - DVD Backup & Not Recognizing Audio CDsOctober 11

    Hello, Since updating to iTunes 7.3 I have had issues with: 1) iTunes recognizing an Audio CD - so I cannot currently import from CDs. This goes for Windows too in Windows Explorer; I get an I/O issue error 2) iTunes making a backup DVD - I receive t

  • Dump while doing goods issue against order with movement type 261October 11

    Hi Team, We are integrating Asset management process along with the goods issue against the order which is created with a business partner for movement type 261. when we try to complete the process the system gives us a dump as described below. pleas

  • MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT - GI with reference to a reservation; Movement 261October 11

    I have data coming inbound in EDI 944. This data is supposed to come and post as a good's issue and creating a material doc. number in the process. The reservation number and reservation item number field in my IDOC are blank. So, I fill them up in a

  • BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE goods issue for tmovement type  261 not updating costsOctober 11

    GMHEAD-PSTNG_DATE =  SY-DATUM.         GMHEAD-DOC_DATE   =  SY-DATUM.         GMCODE-GM_CODE    =  '03'.   "03 - MB1A - Goods Issue         GOODSMVT_ITEM-MOVE_TYPE   =   '261'.         GOODSMVT_ITEM-ENTRY_QNT   =   '1'. I am using BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREAT

  • Error in  BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE with movement type *261'  after postingOctober 11

    Hi All, After sucessfull posting of  BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE  with movement type *261' . After posting ,while checking In mb51 document exists for it but checking in mmbe stock not reduced from resisticted stock. Can you kindly tell the import parameter

  • To change movement type 261 to consider backflush qty in forecastingOctober 11

    Hi experts, Can any one let me know what to do to consider the following issue: Client came to me saying that right now all backflushes using 261 movement type are looking like unplanned cosumption, which is not considering in the forecast. Is there

  • Movement Type 261 - Different G/L account to get debited for same MovementOctober 11

    Hi Friends, I need your help to solve the following issue We are in the process of implementing ECC 6.00. One of our client requirement is for Movement type 261 , different consumption account to get debited for different types of issues. i.e. incase

  • Different Consumption Account for Movement type 201 and 261October 11

    Dear All ; Client want use different consumption account for movement type 201 and 261  . How we canmap this in SAP Kindly suggest . Regards; Joydeep MukherjeeThis you can acheive by setting account assignment indicator is checked. OMJJ >>> Movem

  • The movement type 261 is greyed out in MIGOOctober 11

    HI Experts, We have a scenario where we want to use the copy of movement type 261 to post goods issue against a process order. In MIGO even if I change it in the initial screen and execute, system takes only 261. System is not allowing to change it i

  • ITunes 7.3 failed back up data DVD burn had error code 261(0x00000105).October 11

    Just bought a bunch of new songs and went to back them up in iTunes 7.3 and I keep getting error code 261(0x00000105). Any ideas? Did not have this problem in prior versions. Brner works fine with other programs. Thanks! Home Brew   Windows XP Pro  K

  • Error (261) when trying to backup purchasesOctober 11

    I have a new computer with SATA HD and SATA DVD burner (lightscribe) and am having a problem backing up my library. When I insert a blank CD or DVD and select backup... backup entire library... iTunes goes off and checks the library and starts its 'b

  • Burn error message 261October 11

    I too am getting burn error message when I try to burn my playlists to CD since I downloaded iTunes 5.0. I am burning a MP3 CD and there are only 640 MB to be burned to a 700MB CD. I have gone through all of the iTunes suggested solutions. I have con

  • Manual Reservation for Movement type 261October 11

    Dear Friends, I want to create a manual reservation (MB21) for production order i.e. movement type 261. But system is not allowing and giving error message order category 10 (prodn order) not allowed for manual reservation. Can some one help to know

  • TRs are not being generated in Movement Type 261/262October 11

    Hi Gurus, I am perfoming several material documents with movement type 261/262 and I don t know why in some cases the WM tab is generated without TR with only a storage bin.....so we don t have the possibility to take the TR and transform it into a T

  • Stock with Special Stock indicator E, not allowing to perform 261 Movement TypeOctober 11

    Hi Team, Please provide your expert opinion. Unintentionally, a component was set with value Blank in Individual/Coll. field in MRP 4 view. The component is WM managed, when order was released, Transfer Request was generated & the part list was updat

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