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  • MDM-BI ConnectivityNovember 30

    Hi all the problem of conectivity MDM ABAP API still persist. I have given all the configuration parameters correctly and also i have made a allow.ip file and added the ip of server to be connected there and placed at the MDM SERVER at the right path

  • API: CCCI_MSG_ConnectionNotTrustedNovember 30

    Hi Team, I am getting the below error on executing an API program: Server return code 0xFFAA0225: CCCI_MSG_ConnectionNotTrusted I have saved the ECC users and password in the MDM Console. I have also declared the allow.ip. But may be there is a probl

  • Server return codeNovember 30

    Hi,   Anyone has the list of Servier return code list. For exampler, 0xFFAA0201 is for User not found. Like this lot of server retunr codes are exist in MDM. I need list of these codes with description. If any one has this information, Please let me

  • MDM webdynpro components.November 30

    Hi, Iam using the MDM webdynpro components. I have created a MDM destination which has authentication as "No Authentication", then the repository and server name. I have added the IP address of the CE portal in the allow.ip file. But when i crea

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