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  • Difference between 0FI_GL_40 and 0FI_GL_14 DatasourcesOctober 11

    Hi, We need to extract data based on General Ledger Line Items into BI. Currently we have 2 datasources matching to the requirements. Would like to know which would be feasible when we compare the 0FI_GL_40(G/L Accounts: Line Items) and 0FI_GL_14(Gen

  • Performance Issue on 0FI_GL_14 ExtractionOctober 11

    Hi experts, We have a client scenario whose wants to see the report in a daily basis. Unfortunately, the report consists of those data from a standard extractor named 0FI_GL_14 which involve with really huge SAP tables such as FAGLFLEXA. The current

  • New Gl 0Fi_GL_14 and impact on existing _4 AP and AR datasourcesOctober 11

    We will be moving to new GL and I'm investiagting the  0FI_GL_14 Datasource for this purpose.I have couple of questions on this datasource. I couldn't find any related AP and AR datasources for new GL. Does this mean we can continue to use 0FI_AP_4 a

  • 0FI_GL_14 Doesnt load Document num 970000xx seriesOctober 11

    Dear All, I have an issue regarding to the FI_GL_14 extract. It doesnt load the Asset related douments which get posted via a program outside the standard Asset Module(not in a usual manner). The records appear in the FMGLFLEXA table in SE16, but whe

  • New G/L line item extractor 0FI_GL_14October 11

    Hi, has anyone worked with the new G/L line item extractor 0FI_GL_14 already? I know that this line items extractor uses function module FAGL_GET_LINE_ITEMS and extract structure FAGLPOSBW. Does anyone have the coding for this function module? Thanks

  • Matnr values are not updating 0FI_GL_14October 11

    Hi 0fi_gl_14 is alligned with BKPF and some other tables? so we added matnr. as per sap if we add field from align tables no need write code? but i am not getting any values? can u please let me knowHi, Did you added matnr field name same as origin t

  • FM code for New GL  Extractor :  0FI_GL_14November 30

    Hi, For  G/L line item extractor 0FI_GL_14 the  line items extractor uses function modules FAGL_GET_LINE_ITEMS and FAGL_GET_SI_DATA  Does anyone has the code for both  Function Modules? Thanks, Prash.Hi If you find them on R/3 system but they are sti

  • 0FI_GL_14  - What is the latest Business Content LevelNovember 30

    Hi,      Can anyone tell me how to find out what the latest Business Content Level is where 0FI_GL_14 was updated? and if you could point me to that documentation it would be great help. Thanks!checlk this link 0FI_GL_14 or 0FI_GL_4 General Ledger Ac

  • 0FI_GL_14 or 0FI_GL_4 General Ledger Accounting Line ItemsNovember 30

    Hello experts, we should extract the Line Items from General Ledger Accounting. There is a new datasource from SAP 0FI_GL_14 (General Ledger Accounting (New): Line Items of the Leading Ledger) I cant find it in our source system because I think we do

  • FI GL 0FIGL_C10 Infocube and 0FI_GL_14 datasourceNovember 30

    Hi experts! In FI GL we will use the 0FIGL_C10 Infocube. We need to report at "cost center" level and at "functional area" level. But we also need to use other levels in the Product Hierarchy, even at material level How can we add the

  • 0FI_GL_14 - Not available in the systemNovember 30

    Hello We need to use the datasource 0FI_GL_14 for GL reporting. But the data source is not present in the system. We are currently on SAP ECC 6.0 with SAP_BW content release on 700 and level 016 and - on R3 side. And on BI side SAP NetWeaver 2004s wi

  • 0FI_GL_40 and 0FI_GL_14November 30

    Gurus, Wanted to check what is the key difference between the 0FI_GL_14  and 0FI_GL_40 extractors? Are they supposed to be used together and how does the information relates to each other? Thanks, AKHi , As mentioned above one is used for New GL func

  • Delta mechanism for 0fi_gl_14November 30

    Hi, We are using 0fi_gl_14 DS for extracting leading ledger's line item data. But when I checked table BWOM2_TIMEST, there is no entry for the above data source. Could someone help me understand delta mechanism for 0fi_gl_14? Is it not similar to 0fi

  • New gl 0fi_gl_12 and 0fi_gl_14November 30

    Hi Experts, we have a requriment of extracting new gl and we are using 0fi_gl_12 and 0fi_gl_14 extractors.we found the both data sources mentioned in sap ecc but we din't find any business content related to the both. what should i have to do to get

  • Installation of 0FI_GL_20 and 0FI_GL_14November 30

    Hi Experts,      I want 0FI_GL_20 and 0FI_GL_14 DataSources for new GL accounting. IN ERP system only 0FI_GL_10 is present currently. I searched SDN network and SAP notes for relevant information. I am particularly looking for some SAP note which exp

  • Extraction (0fi_gl_14) decision issues: what to be key fields / ErrorsNovember 30

    Hi Experts, I am having extraction (0fi_gl_14) decision issues: to determine what will be the key fields / Errors in maintaining datasource in BI 1. In rsa3, for 0FI_GL_14, how do I know what makes each of these records unique? I was about to guess D

  • Comparing 0FI_GL_14 data with SAP R/3November 30

    Hello Experts, Can anyone tell me how to comapare the data of 0FI_GL_14 datasource with SAP R/3 ???? Will the data match with FAGLB03 or FBL3N or FS.01 or F.01 ????? Regards, Romil K. VaghelaHi romil, If you want to check the balance for any account

  • New G/L Line item Datasource 0FI_GL_14 not extracting exchange rate fieldOctober 11

    Hi, We are implementing new G/L Line item datasource and standarad field of this datasource KURSE - exchange rate field  not extracting  data. Debugged standard extractor function module but field for exchange rate is not populating even there is a v

  • Open amount of Invoices.October 11

    Hi Experts: I am using 0FI_GL_14 to extract data for Invoice payments. My requirement is that I have to show Open amount for the invoices. For example: - Invoice Amount: $ 100 - Already Paid: $ 40 - Open Amt: $ 60 Is there any combination of fields i

  • How do I set upmy Imac to allow using both my computer speakers and a Bose SoundLink system as outputs at the same time.  I can use one or the other, but not both.October 11

    how do I set up my Imac to allow using both my computer speakers and a Bose SoundLink system as outputs at the same time.  I can use one or the other, but not both.  From systems Preferences I must select one or the other.  I want both to work all th

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