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  • SWAP device from day-one; How could that be ?November 30

    I bought in Feb.2011 a C7-00 in Singapore. I updated it to Anna in July 2011. Device never went to NCC, never had any problem, raisonably happy so far. Today I learn my device product code is 059B899, which is equal to SWAP... And I cannot upgrade to

  • Forgotten security code - Nokia C7November 30

    how to unlock nokia c7 if I forgot my lock code? phone code 059B899 Moderator's note: The subject was amended as we provide a more topic-related one so others can easily search for the same concern. robertinio, Welcome to Nokia Discussions If you are

  • C7 can't update on nokia suiteNovember 30

    I am from malaysia ~ why i go to my nokia suite , still cannot update my anna to belle ?? no show that i can update ..... =( why ?? my product code is 059B899 ... =( how can i update ??Hi Eiivi, Availability of firmware updates is dependent on carrie

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