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System cache on CITRIX

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Has anyone out there got the system cache working on a citrix server. Have set it up on xp boxes with no issues but on Citrix it just will not recognise that the system cache has been configured


It is supposed to do this. Windows can be very aggressive in caching data and code. This data is released as soon as the system needs memory for something else, but when it is unused, the system uses it to cache all sorts of stuff. It utilizes the memory
which would otherwise be unused. Leaving it unused would basically be a waste.
So in other words, nothing is wrong. It is windows which decides to try and be more efficient. As soon as a request for more memory comes in, it just drops whatever is needed from the cache immediately.
This is one of the reasons that in later versions, the memory is reported differently in task manager, because people kept trying to stop the system from caching because they wanted to see more 'free' memory.

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