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Sync suddenly stopped working..?

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Ok so I recently set-up Sync when I heard Xmarks was going down. I installed it on my desktop and laptop without a problem. But recently I noticed things weren't syncing, and it's always written "connect" next to the sync icon in firefox on my desktop, but on my laptop only the icon is displayed. So on my desktop, I go to the firefox options, under the sync tab, and where there should be my account name written, it's just blank. I also can't type anything in there.
If i go directly to tools -> sync -> preferences, nothing happens.
If i go with tools -> add-ons -> firefox sync and click options, i get these 3 buttons written "connect", "disconnect", and "sync now". None of the buttons do anything, and to exit this "menu" i have to go through alt+f4.
So mm yeah that's it, what's wrong?


I already have 1.5
I tried re-installing it anyway (as i had done numerous times before). Still nothing. When i try to reset sync, after i choose if i want to merge data from my pc to the server and whatnot, i get a confirmation box, i click "next", and nothing happens.
i added some screenshots
the first one is self explanatory
the second one is the confirmation when i try to reset sync, by clicking on the link under "current account" in the sync options (first screenshot)
the third shot is if i go to tools -> add-ons, click options. i get these 3 buttons.

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