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Survey URL Usage

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Helo: Did anybody use the option of sending a survey as a URL address?
I need to send the survey to may customers via e-mail and then retrieve the result and load it into my CRM Server.


Hi Gregor,
Was reading your posting and thought that you may be able to address the issue that i am having ?
We are creating URL's for landing page in personalized mailforms. We have a need to include email id of business partners along with the BP id and Campaign id.
We were able to include BP Id and campaign id at the end of the URL but not email id as it is not available in the attribute/object list under BP data (in the left bottom corner from where we drag and drop the objects to concatenate to the URL).
How can we include the email id attribute ? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It would be great if you could mail me at [email protected]

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