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I am trying to create a simple program where I have a deck of card of 52...for this program I have simplyfied it to 8
I need to to cut the deck in half and take the bottom card from each half and put them in a new pile.
I want to keep on shuffling that way till I reach the original deck.
Here is my code so far...but I don't know how to compare strings to make a loop stop...
if(theDeck.equals(values)) break; does not work
I am a beginner Java....need help
public class Cards
     public static void main(String[] args)
          char [] theDeck=new char [52];
          char [] theDeck2=new char [52];
          char [] temp=new char [52];
            int w,x,y,z,k,i;
            int count2=0;
          char [] values={'1','2','3','4','5','6','7','8',};
          for( w = x = 0, y = z = values.length/2;  x < z  &&  y < values.length;   x++,y++ )
              if(theDeck.equals(values)) break;
          for( w = x = 0, y = z = values.length/2;  x < z  &&  y < values.length;   x++,y++ )


OK, ALWAYS put {} around anything like loops of if statements.
This will stop any bugs creeeping in, and if you do don't, i guarantee you will get some!
Anyways, to your problem, this is your code:
          if(theDeck.equals(values)) break;
Change it to this:
boolean endLoop = false;
for(i=0; i<theDeck.length() && !endLoop; i++) {
if(theDeck.equals(values)) {
endLoop = true;

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