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SQL query problem

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I am trying to split the result of a field in "sub" results:
select otname from ordertrailer: this statement results in
I would like to have a query which gives me as results, the following:
OTNAME AA BB CC DD 163 24 27 167
and so on...
I have used the following query:
select id, otname, decode(id,1,substr(otname,1,instr(otname,'.',1,1)-1),decode(instr(otname,'.',1,id),0,
substr(otname,instr(otname,'.',1,id-1)+1,instr(otname,'.',1,id)-instr(otname,'.',1,id-1)-1))) value
from (
select rownum id from dual
connect by level <= (select length(otname)-length(replace(otname,'.',''))+1
from ordertrailer
where otxact = 36852284
and otseq = 0)
) temp,
where otxact = 36852284
and otseq = 6;
but I get the results in different rows:
ID     OTNAME     value
1     163
2     24
3     27
4     167
5     U
6     BASE
7     F
8     I
I need instead to have all data on the same row.
Thanks in advance


Try changing the +'s into *'s:
with my_tab as (select '' otname from dual union all
                select 'fred.24.27.167.U.BASE.F.I.' otname from dual union all
                select '' otname from dual union all
                select '' otname from dual)
select otname,
       regexp_substr(otname, '[[:alnum:]]*[^.]', 1, 1) a,
       regexp_substr(otname, '[[:alnum:]]*[^.]', 1, 2) b,
       regexp_substr(otname, '[[:alnum:]]*[^.]', 1, 3) c,
       regexp_substr(otname, '[[:alnum:]]*[^.]', 1, 4) d,
       regexp_substr(otname, '[[:alnum:]]*[^.]', 1, 5) e,
       regexp_substr(otname, '[[:alnum:]]*[^.]', 1, 6) f,
       regexp_substr(otname, '[[:alnum:]]*[^.]', 1, 7) g,
       regexp_substr(otname, '[[:alnum:]]*[^.]', 1, 8) h
from   my_tab;
OTNAME                                    A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H  163  24   27   167  U    BASE F    I  
fred.24.27.167.U.BASE.F.I. fred 24   27   167  U    BASE F    I 163  24   27   167  33   BASE F    I                             163  24   27   167                    

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