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Special Characters in KM Names

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Hello Experts,
are there any restrictions regarding special characters in KM Properties or any other Km Objects? I have in mind i read somewhere about restrictions for search result set names / ids, are there are also in any other areas restrictions?
Thanks for your help,


Raymond HENG wrote:
> Thus..a quick conclusion if I may..
> 1) Folder and file name: any of your choice but will impact your portal search if you choose to use special char's in the name
> 2) Folder and file ID: No spacing or special char's as indicated by Bobu.
> Hope that helps.
> Ray
Wow, this is misleading.
The confusion starts with saying "special", and then not define it...
The KM UI uses display names, but this doesn't affect what you can or can't put into an identifier (the RID for resources, or the property name for properties).
What RIDs can take depends on the repository manager. In the best case, it roughly allows everything that would be allowed in a Windows filename. In particular, some rules depend on position as well, such as no trailing whitespace.
Property names by definition use the same rules as XML element names (thus no whitespace at all).
BR, Julian

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