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Songs in my iPhone

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Iv'e purchased a music album from iTunes to my iPhone .
Didn't download all the songs , only few of them.
I don't understand why I can hear all the songs even the "Clouded" ones ?
See pic.


When you have Settings > iTunes & App Store > Music (under the 'show all' heading) then music that is available in the cloud will show in the Music app for you to stream music from the cloud (that was an option that was added in, I think, iOS 7) - so potentially when not on wifi you could be using some of your 3G data allowance if you play a cloud track. If you don't want cloud music to show in the Music app then you can turn that setting 'off'/
In case you weren't already aware, the rights-holder could remove an album or single from the store at any time, so hopefully you will have a copy of the whole album onto your computer's iTunes library so that you can take your own backup copy of it.

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