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Some problems about making USB boot

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Hi AF!
I'm having really big problems about making a USB Install Key!
Its a 256mb (I will only use base) But how should I make the partitions??
After reading another topic - http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?t=18643
I still having some problems - Normally I would say the whole USB key should be FAT16 - is that correct or how should I make this ????
Another part is about making the bootloader ?? Should that be Lilo or should I use the mksysconfig. If I use lilo with /sbin/lilo -M /dev/sda - I get the error upon boot - this is not a bootable floppy or disc??
And if I use mksyslinux?? - well not sure I'm using the correct command - so how do I use this ???


well its been some time since i did this but if memory serves well
make sure that in /etc/mkinitrd.conf the USB= "   "  <thats blank  not
i believe i told mkinitrd to install all the usb modules i needed even then i had to use initrd-full.img
also i needed mdadm installed
i ran lilo on my pen  grub just wouldnt work for me it installed but couldnt find what to boot . lilo would boot up on the machine i installed it on but wouldnt boot on ant other machine never did figure that out , my thoughts went else where at that time & havent  gone back to it yet.
thats what i remember how much pertains to you i dont know hope this helps

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