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Solaris8 Installation Error with 1/2 CD

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I am Solaris beginner. Please help me.
My problem is : When I install Sorlaris8 with 1/2 CD (07/01 version), the grey background screen poped out
with the messages. "SunOS Secondary Boot version 3.00 prom_panic:kmem_free block already free. Entering boot debugger. [12ff59]: ." Then the installation stops at the biginning. I fail to install and end completely.
My system is : + cpu : Pentium!!! 1GHz
+ motherboard : Supermicro 370ssa
+ scsi adapter: Adaptec 2940U2W
+ hd : Seagate18.3 GB (scsi)
+ cd: Teac (scsi)
+ ram: 512MB
+ video: Matrox G450 agp 32MB DH
+ nic1: 3com 3C905B-J-TX
+ nic2: Intel Pro/100+ Management
Please advice me how to fix this problem.
Thank you in advance.
Shingo Umezawa


When I attempt to remove most of the programs with windows the error received is network resource is unavailable.
Doublechecking, Mister Russell. Is it also saying that the AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi is missing?

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