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Sleep light flashes 5 times - no beeps. What does it mean?

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I have a white 2008 Macbook 2.4 Ghz. I recently installed 10.6 from scratch via Retail DVD and the Macbook worked fine. I updated via Software Update and installed all the updates that appeared. There was also a Firmware update to install, which I did after the update to 10.6.8.
But since then, the Macbook has serious video problems.
It boots okay, but the sequence is now:
- front sleep light flashes 5 times; there are no error beeps
- I hear the startup chime
- the Apple logo and spinning wheel appear, and bootup continues
- at the point where the screen goes blue, and would normally boot to the desktop, the screen now goes black and the Macbook appears to go to sleep
If I wait for a couple of minutes, when I press a key to wake the Macbook from sleep: the DVD spins up, the sleep light flashes 5 times, and I now see the desktop. But then the screen goes black after about 10 seconds.
Before the screen goes black, I can see that the boot seems to have completed okay. I have a Wifi connection and the date and time are correct.
If I go really fast, I can move the arrow to the Apple icon in the top bar and choose Shut down or Restart.
I can boot from the internal HD, an external FW HD and an Install DVD.
I can hold down the Option key and I get all the bootable volumes to boot from. I can choose any of them, then start the boot process, but at the same point - the blue screen - the screen goes black and the Macbook goes to sleep.
The Macbook works perfectly fine when connected to an external monitor. In the Display preferences, only the external monitor is available. The Macbook monitor is not listed. As well, iSight and Photo Booth report that no camera is connected.
I've found some info on the Apple site re. the 5 sleep light flashes, but it only refers to the Macbook Air, and indicates a problem with the battery.
Has anyone seen this problem with the Macbook?


From EZ Jim's link, there was another link to this info at the Apple site, re. Power on Self-Tests:
The power on self-test resides in the ROM of the computer. This test runs whenever the computer is turned on after being fully shut down (the power-on self-test does not run if the computer is only restarted).
If a fault is detected during the test, you will not hear a normal startup chime. Instead, the system will beep as explained below. If you experience one of these beeps, you may call your Apple Authorized Service Provider for additional troubleshooting assistance.
1 beep = no RAM installed
2 beeps = incompatible RAM types
3 beeps = no good banks
4 beeps = no good boot images in the boot ROM (and/or bad sys config block)
5 beeps = processor is not usable
In addition to the beeps, on some computers the power LED will flash a corresponding number of times plus one. The LED will repeat the sequence after approximately a 5-second pause. The tones are only played once.
As I wrote, I don't get the Error Beeps. I've had these on other Macs, so I know what they are. Here, I only get the LED flashes.
What is interesting above is that they say that the Power LED will flash a corresponding number of times (as the beeps) PLUS ONE. In my case, then, if I got 5 flashes, then might it mean NO GOOD BOOT IMAGES IN THE BOOT ROM?
Anyway, it doesn't seem to have the flashing LED problem any more. No idea where to go from here.

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