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Simple combo box question

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I have Flash MX 2004 Pro. I want to create a
movie/graphic/button ( not sure which one yet) of a county
(obviously from a state map) and I want to have all of the counties
(over 40) listed in a Combo Box. I would like the Combo box to
automatically be updated/populated every time I create a
movie/graphic/button of a county. I would like to be able to click
on a county name in the combo box and have the county highlighted.
While the graphic part is doable, I am asking for help with the
One more thing: I have a text box that I want to have data
displayed only for the specific county. So I am thinking of
creating a text box that is invisible in the State swf but will be
viewable when the county is selected (mouse over or thru the combo
box). Do I have to use the scripts to make it viewable when the
movie is selected?
Is this even possible with my version of Flash and if so,
does anyone have some codes I can look at?


As far as the text goes, there are several ways to do that.
Simplest way is to make the text visible when rolled over and
invisible when rolled out. That way you get the text positioned and
formated the way you want. It isn't the best method in terms of
maintenance. A better method is have one text clip that you can
position in relation to the (x,y) coordinates of the highlighted
county and pull the text for the county from an array. The latter
requires more script but is easier to go back and change since all
you do is update an array.
I just noticed a line in the onRollOut
this[this._parent._name + "menu"].selectedIndex = 0;
that will serve you no purpose whatsoever. I missed deleting
that from the script I modified to post to you. It doesn't hurt
anything since it targets nothing you have

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