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Short coming in BAPI for saving Document Long Text

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Hello Experts,
I would be thankful to you if anyone of you offer a solution to the problem below.
I have found that the tables parameter LONGTEXTS of function BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHANGE/CHANGE2/CREATE/CREATE2 (structure BAPI_DOC_TEXT) could include the field TDFORMAT so that the user can specify how the next line should be interpreted by the editor.  This would be in accordance with the tables parameter LINES of function SAVE_TEXT which is used to save long text.  Currently only the text line is catered for in the BAPI and the TDFORMAT is therefore defaulted to u2018*u2019 in the SAVE_TEXT function which causes each line in the table to be treated as a new line. 
What if the user wanted the lines to be treated as continuous text?
With Best Regards,
Mientjie Ferrie


   1. From se37, check for function group STXD
2. There will be many Fm.
3. The commonly used are

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