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Service Marketplace Complexity and Problems

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I'm posting this message simply to report a few problems I have with the SAP Service Marketplace that I think needs to be adressed rather rapidly.
The Service Marketplace is so big that even after many months in it, I'm still feeling a bit lost. And I don't seem to be the only one: even SAP people that actually maintains the site seems lost in it too!
For example: If you open what I consider to be the BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 patches, (Menu Bar --> 'Downloads', 'Business Objects Downloads', 'Service Packs, Hot Fixes, Samples, and Utilities' and search for BusinessObjects XI 3.1 'Hot Fixes') they stop at FixPack 1.3, leading you to think that this is the currently highest available FixPack for BO. But - if you look for them using a different approach, you find that FixPack 1.6 is already available!
'SAP Software Distribution Center' --> (In the grey bar left hand side of the screen) 'Download' -->
(still in the same grey bar) 'Support Packages and Patches' --> (Once more in that bar) 'Search for Support Packages and Patches'.
And finally, in the search screen, search for 'Enterprise', and voilà! FixPack 1.6.
The FixPack 1.5 for Windows will not download, the file seems corrupt and the 'SAP Download Manager' loops trying to fetch it. I called the support team regarding this, but I was in a hurry and couldn't take the required 30 mins back then to open a support message, so it's still broken today if I try again to get it. I guess not many customers have found that file yet... no one seem to have complained that the download link is broken!
One last problem: Where are the 'Supported Platforms' documents?? Even in the PDF's for XI 3.1, the links still points towards the sadly now defunct 'www.businessobjects.com' website. It took me a google search to find them, since I couldn't find any links on either the Service Marketplace or the Help Portal to them.
I hope you can accept these comments as positive criticism, there are lots of great things about SAP's BusinessObjects Portal, I'm just trying to help remove the irritating parts.


you can get the Support Platoforms documentation here:
[http://service.sap.com/bosap-support] Just go to Documentation->Supported Platforms

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