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Service Form interface with RACF DB2 Databases

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We are looking for a way to have service form interface with RACF using DB2 connect. This function is needed to perform data validation against mainframe system. Any advice or instructions of how to implement this is greatly appreciated.


I am using Weblogic workshop test browser to test this code. My Ws code looks like this.
package WebServ;
public class AsyncWebServ1 implements com.bea.jws.WebService
* @common:control
* @jc:timer repeats-every="30 s" timeout="60 s"
private com.bea.control.TimerControl MyTimerControl;
* This member variable stores the client choice to be sent a callback or not.
public boolean m_useCallback;
* When the callback handler is fired, this boolean is set to true.
* Clients that don't want callbacks check this boolean to see if their result is ready.
public boolean m_messageIsReceived;
public Callback callback;
* @common:control
private Control.xmlDocWSControl xmldocwscontrol;
static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
private String xmlString = "";
private String strName = "";
* @common:operation
* @jws:conversation phase="start"
public void getWSEmplyeeInfoCON(String aName)
xmlString = xmldocwscontrol.getEmplyeeDtlsCon(aName);
return ;
public interface Callback extends com.bea.control.ServiceControl
* @jws:conversation phase="finish"
public void testCallback(String result);
* @common:operation
public void MyTimerControl_onTimeout(long time)
//xmlString = xmldocwscontrol.getEmplyeeDtlsCon(aName);
m_messageIsReceived = true;
* @common:operation
* @jws:conversation phase="continue"
* @jws:protocol form-post="false" form-get="true"
public boolean checkStatus()
return m_messageIsReceived;
* @common:operation
* @jws:conversation phase="finish"
* @jws:protocol form-get="true" form-post="false"
public String getMessageResponse()
return xmlString;
* @common:operation
* @jws:conversation phase="start"
public void requestMessage(boolean useCallback)
m_useCallback = useCallback;
// Start the delay timer.
The value of xmlString can be hard coded.

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