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Server URL in PJC - web deployed

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Anyone know how to get the Server URL in a java bean - The applet classes are not normally available?


I am slightly confused. The 501 error is coming from the Glassfish server so I would post into that alias.  However I did notice 1 thing. The POST body contents
is  "url=%2Findex.html&userName=TECNIC&password=pass"
The content-length is given as 46 but that is 47 chars, That might be caused by the encoding of the "/" as %2F.  it looks like "=pass" is being sent as the method.
I would do a separate snoop on the conversation on what is incoming to the Web server as the one above looks confused. We see a POST, which is given a 302 then
a GET. Can you split out both sides so we can see what comes in. Also check for unprinted chars.

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