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Serious problem after migration assistant - any ideas?

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Hi folks-
I bought an iMac this weekend and for various reasons did not configure with data from my MacBook Pro when I first turned it on, but waited until two nights ago to use Migration Assistant to transfer all but users.
I updates both machines fully with Software Update first. MigAsst went fine until I hit the begin option and after a few minutes the iMac told me there was a problem with my MacBook Pro (MBP). I quit MigAsst on the iMac but even after an hour I couldn't escape it or quit the MBP, so shut down using the power button.
When I restarted, I had a black screen with lighted keyboard and startup chime. I hard-restarted, same thing happened. Third time, I got the grey apple window with no apple for about ten minutes, then a light blue screen with the spinning spokes (not the rainbow) and a slightly darker window with no spokes. The two blue windows alternated back and forth for maybe 8-10 seconds each endlessly until I restarted.
Since I live about 4 hours from the nearest Apple store and tech support was already closed for the evening, I restarted from the Snow Leopard disk and repaired permissions (there were many repairs) and repaired the disk (was told it was fine). I restarted and got the grey-blue-blue cycle again.
I reinstalled the OS from the Snow Leopard disk and everything worked fine - I ran as many tests as I know how to, even perturbed the casing slightly wondering if it was a loose video card wire or something. Nothing. It all worked fine for several hours until after the second Software Update (which as I recall was only Java and iTunes), and now all I get is the black screen again. Also, now the green light on the power cable is not glowing even though the battery reads as fully charged and the keyboard and startup chime are all hunky dory.
I'd think it was a video card issue, but there are too many incongruous symptoms. If I could at least start up from the OS disk again I could get my data off... Any ideas, diagnoses or suggestions would be much appreciated.
With gratitude and blessings.


The problem is described in a different post as well, and it is considered to be answered. However, the answers are not very satisfactory because they are complicated.
The underlying problem is that MacOS is looking for a FileVault user, while after migration the user files are actually not within a FileVault bundle.
I believe that there must be a setting to change the login properties for the user to not look for a FileVault user, but for a plain, non-encrypted user. So please, somebody from Apple answer this questions!
Command line very welcome, because I only have a command line user right now. And oh, my MBA didn't ship with a boot DVD so I don't even have the chance to reinstall my system easily. Also, getting my data out of the FileVault on my current machine, transfering everything again (almost 250 GB) and then putting them back into FileVault seems a bit too much effort for what appears to be a simple bit set somewhere…

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