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Sending data through a serial write box (vision processing)

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Hi there, I am fairly new to labview and vision assistant. I was wondering if I could get some assistance on a particular problem we are having with our project. The idea is that we will use a webcamera to analyze a continuous loop of images and identify shapes, then send the data through the serial port to a controller which uses the mint motion language. The problem we are having is we cant sind a way to send the data we are getting from particle analysis to the serial port. Is there any way we can do this? I would be eternally grateful for any kind of pointers!
I will attach the write to box we are using right now as well as the program itself
bild.vi ‏104 KB


What you are searching for are the functions "Flatten To String" and "Unflatten from String".
FlattenToString - UnflattenFromString.vi ‏16 KB

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