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Satellite L20-101 - Sound driver causes blue screen

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1. My notebook is a Satellite L20-101. It worked properly until yesterday when i reinstalled the system (from recovery cd) after 3 years. I updated bios to version 1.70 (from toshiba website). The conexant audio devices failed to be recognised and if i run setup from last audio drivers (sound-20080604145033) it fixes the problem but when restarting the system and login as administrator i get a blue screen. Any help pls?
2. Since the LAN adapter is working, there is a message for installing a driver for a network device!
3. When the system starts i get an error 0X57 for toshiba power saver . Even when i reinstalled ver 7.03.02.I from toshiba website the problem remains.
Thank you in advance


> I installed the intel wireless drivers because the Atheros driver didnot work
Wrong. You have installed wrong driver at first. If the Intel WLAN card is inside you cannot use Atheros driver. Im wondering you didnt know which WLAN card is inside.
Back to other two problems.
I dont know what is wrong there with sound but it can be anything possible, and maybe is there some software conflict with something preinstalled on your notebook.
This Power saver issue will not be possible to repair and just clean OS installation will help. Believe me I had it in the past and after trying everything possible was not able to fix it.
I recommend you to install OS again using delivered recovery DVD. After doing this all problems will be solved and you will have perfectly installed and configured software.
It is your decision now.

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