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Sap TDMS 4.0 Stand Alone Scrambling in ERP

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Hi All,
I am trying to run TDMS standalone scrambling in ERP module, using the SAP provided rules itself.
The rule im trying is to scramble the email address.
The SP level is SP05 for TDMS 4.0[ for DMIS, DMIS_CNT]
Databse MSSQL
I am getting the error at Creation of Data cluster in Execution system.[ Flash Icon]. Tried to solve the issue by using the trouble shooting error. But couldn’t find anything related to that.
Execution system: ECS [ERP Sandbox system]
Control system: SOP  [ Solution Manager]
I see no dumps in st22 nor errors in SM21. Not even failed jobs in SM37.
Experts help needed.


Thanks Billy for quick replies. I havn't checked the note. Will take a look at that.
Coming to Log report well either of the screens shows the same thing. The surprising thing is why dont the Ext process monitor doesnt show me any back ground job..[2nd image in above reply]
I will show you one more interesting thing, when i execute that step[ Creation of Data Cluster in Execution System] in process tree, i see a pop up screen in SOP...not sure what that is..u can oberve that in my following screen.
Here i click OK and then OPEN
then MY SOP screen shows this,
This is Maximum we have at the moment to trace something on this issue.

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