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SAP SRM UI (NXP) - Work Processes remain running

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Shopping carts are being processed through the new SAP SRM UI (NXP). On occasion, dialog Work Processes are left in 'running' status even when there is nothing happening in the front end.
It occurs for many standard programs, but when checking the WP details, all are pointing to the same class
The /IWFND/*_LOG transactions aren't showing any errors or warning
I haven't found any relevant SAP notes.
Oracle 11 on AIX
SRMNXP01                       100        0002 SRM Add-on New Experience
GW_CORE                        190        0003 SAP GW CORE 190
IW_BEP                         200        0007 Backend Event Provider
IW_FND                         240        0003 SAP IW FND 240
SAP_ABA                        701        0013 Cross-Application Component
SAP_AP                         700        0029
SAP_BASIS                      701        0013 SAP Basis Component
SAP_BS_FND                     701        0013 SAP Business Suite Foundation
SAP_BW                         701        0013 SAP Business Warehouse
MDM_TECH                       710_700    0009 MDM_TECH 710 : Add-On Installation
PI_BASIS                       701        0013 Basis Plug-In
and some other bits and pieces (including SAP UI% and associated components)
At the moment, I'm interested in a BASIS perspective; I want to ensure the platform (SRM_SERVER, GW_CORE, UI5, SRMNXP01, etc) is stable and functional. However, I'm not familiar with debugging / tuning / administrating the SAP Gateway (I still think SMG when I hear Gateway), so these may have fairly obvious answers to the right people, but ...
1) What or where should I be looking for further clues ? My first thoughts are around the available network connections.
2) Is there a transaction that provides real time monitoring of GW CORE ? I've found that the /IWBEP/VIEW_LOG and /IWFND/*_LOG transactions are only useful after the fact.


Hello Martin,
such hanging work processes can have many causes. Which AIX version do you have? Please take a look at the note
1873277 - Hanging Work processes on SAP Application Servers
if it can be relevant in your case.
Regards, Alwina

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