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Safari will not download most files

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The only thing I can download are Apple updates: Not 3rd party application updates, not Firefox, not efax attachment files.
I am considering reinstalling Safari from the CD and/or trying to download the OS X 10.4.8 Intel update. Should I?
Any suggestions will much appreciated.
mac mini intel core duo   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   10.4.8


Sometimes these problems can be quite the trial and error due to the multiple interaction of various files etc. At least we know this problem is specific to your User Account.
If you haven't done so, move the com.apple.safari plist back to its original location, writing over the newly created file.
Move to the desktop the Safari folder (which holds bookmarks, history, etc), and restart Safari. Try a download. If no relief, move the folder back, replacing the newly created one. If it does work, then you'll need to move one file at a time back to its original location, restarting Safari each time to isolate the problem file.
If the above doesn't work, go to the User Library>Caches>Safari and move that file to the desktop. Same routine as the previous step (restart Safari, etc). If no go, move the folder back etc.
The last one to try is the cookies.plist file found in your User Library>Cookies folder. Same routine, except restart the computer before restarting Safari.
Post back.
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