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Regarding error and warning messages in log.

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hi all,
i need to move the error meaasges and warning messages to log....am downloading the FI data from EC...
my req is if the company code  is not in header..throws warning message" comp has not been for header" and at the same the file has to be generated.....
and for line item if the trading partner is not present it throws error message and at the same time file has to be generated.....
for exxample like this.....
GL account     FS item      Trading Partner  TC     Value in TC       LC       Value in LC
12345678          213344   XXXX            USD     1,000          1,000


u can use an internla table and get all the Logs,
for Example if company code is not there the move the company code and pernr to ITAB1,
if EMP subgroup is not there in header then move to ITAB2.and at the final appene itab1,itab2 to one more inernal table so that this final table contains all the errored pernrs, and u can display it

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