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Recently installed lion and lost my I tunes library

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I have an I Mac I bought last Christmas,just got an I pad 2 and have an I phone 3GS .I was trying to get them all synced up using lion and I cloud,it seemed like it was all going well...I could view my whole music library at home on my I pad,and it played.later that day every time I tried to play a song on my I Mac I got an exclamation mark for some (many but random) songs and after thre hours on the phone with applecare and a "genius" helping me create a new folder ....I tunes 1 and transferring my 70 G of music into it with the intention of deleting my original file afterwards. I went out to dinner as it was taking a while ,when I got home 20G transferred ,and the rest is gone.....????i mean really gone form time machine,my hard drive and my external hard drive....
Any ideas so it doesn't happen again?


Are you sure its gone? What about in your Time Machine rollbacks? Search Time machine by accessing it through the Finder rather than the TM 'star wars' interface.
Alternatively, get a free copy of EasyFind and look for this folder
'iTunes Media'
Select 'All Volumes' in the drop-down menu.
From the results, look for one that has a creation date prior to when your tried to sync. Double-click on it in EasyFind and see if it contains your missing content.

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