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Question mark over Quicktime logo in Safari - MacBook

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I have a black macbook on which FCP studio is installed and therefore QT Pro.
While browsing in Safari, (Latest 10.4.7 and Safari updates) and trying to access a link which plays streaming Qt's or just plain ones, I receive a Question mark over the Quicktime logo in place of the movie.
When right clicking the link and saving target, it downloads the movie and opens it in quicktime ok.
What the **** is going on.
On my G5 no problems to access these exact same links...
Pretty annoying I would say
Jean michel


Yeah, this is very common right now. Problem is not with Quicktime, but with the Shockwave plug-in in Safari. it is not yet native to intel-based Macs so it will not activate properly as is.
Unfortunately, there is nothing yet to update to, so you can either live with it as is or run Safari in Rosetta mode which will slow it down slightly, but give you all the web content properly.
Try this:
Quit Safari
Go to the Safari icon in Applications
Ctrl-click the icon
Go to "Get Info"
Click the box next to "Open using Rosetta"
Open Safari
This will solve the problem until an Intel-compliant Shockwave plug-in comes out.

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