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QM in procurement basic flow

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Hi all,
Can anybody explain me about the end to end process of QM in procurement ? means....what is the start point and where it end ? ...master data involved ?.......
Appreciate your help...


If you want to procure material from outside vendor then you can activate QM in procurement for this you have to follow following point,
1. Create Material Master and assign Quality Insp data in QM view. - MM01
2. Create Vendor Master for which vendor you want to procure material - XK01
3. Create Source list and/ or Info record as per your business requirement for vendor, material combination
If you want to procure particular material from particular vendor then this relation you can display here. - ME01/ QI01
4. Create Inspection Plan for material and assign other master data like MIC, Sampling data, Inspection method, work center, equipment to it - QP01, MS21, QS31, QDV1, QDP1, QPV2, QDR1
5. Now create Purchase requisition for material - ME51N
6. Purchase dept. will request for quotation to vendor - ME41
7. With refeance to quotation create PO - ME21N
8. Release PO. - ME28, ME29N
9. Do good receipts with referance to PO.
10. System will generate Insp. lot auto matically and stock comes in quality - QA32/ QA33
11. Do sampling and result recording of lot - QE51N
12. Do usage decision - QA11
13. Stock comes in unrestricted use - MMBE
Hope this helps.

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