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Normally if I'm using an app, or doing something else with the phone, and a pop-up notification of an SMS, email or IM appears, I simply click it an it takes me to the app/conversation. However, this is not the case for my Facebook and Twitter notifications. The notifications do pop-up, but, when I click it nothing happens. It does not take me to the app. If I click the pop-up, the notification doesn't show on the events screen, as if I clicked it before. I can click Facebook and Twitter notifications on the event screen an it takes me to the app, just not with the push/pop-up notifications. Its really annoying sometimes. Thanks in advance.
Arun Lall


Hi arunakajacob,
Welcome to the Nokia forums.
This will most likely be a bug in the application. Delete the application and reinstall it via Nokia Store > My Stuff. 
If this doesn't fix it, a reset maybe necessary should. Make sure you make a back up with Nokia Link. You can find out how to back up using Nokia link on the below link:
Once backed up you can reset your device with instructions on the below link:
Once the phone has rebooted, reconnect it to Nokia link  and restore your device:
To check for updates please refer to the following link:
Let me know if this doesn't work so that I can troubleshoot further, if necessary.
Moderators notes: Message re-written to reflect accurate information for the N9 and Nokia Link as pointed out bty @SeanBangkok.
If my post has helped you in any way, please accept it as a solution or click on the white star, so that other users will be able to benefit from it too.

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