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Profiling in WSAD

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This probably is not the best place to post this question, but didnt get any reply in WSAD IE forum. Here it goes :
I am getting this error when I start any Java Application in profile mode :
Can't load "piAgent.dll", because Can't find dependent libraries
loadJVMHelperLib failed
Could not create the Java virtual machine.
My Agent controller is started and looks fine.
Any clue as to whats happening?


Hi, I was trying to profile my application and had the same error.
I belive that there's a problem with the server's configuration.
I read in some redbook that you have to set two additional properties in the Administrative Console to be able to profile your application.
The first is,
Servers -> Application Servers -> <AppServer> -> Process Definition. In the Executable Arguments field enter -XrunpiAgent.
The other is, (here is where I think the error is)
Servers -> Application Servers -> <AppServer> -> Process Definition. Select Java Virtual Machine from the Additional Properties pane. Into the Generic JVM arguments enter -XrunpiAgent -DPD_DT_ENABLED=true.
That's what the redbook says, but I made it run just setting the second propertie value to -DPD_DT_ENABLED=true.
Hope this could help you.
Best Regards,

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