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I am trying to install the latest drivers for my SB X-FI and am getting the dreaded 'Product not Found' error - I cant believe this is still a problem with the installer...............
I have 64-bit Vista and am using the ?XFXA_PCDRV_LB__04_0079.exe install package.
When I run the ?dxdiag program and look at the Sound tab is shows 'Creative SB X-FI' - so why cant the installer see this?
What is the purpose of this check besides frustrating customers?
Any solution to this annyonce besides avoiding Creative products in the future?


If you have WinRar or WinAce installed on your system, then you can right click the file and choose extract.....and then you can extract the contents to whereever you want. Then you can go to device manager, and to your device, and choose update, and then have disk....... and manually browse to where the driver has been unzipped to.... Then your file will take a few moments and then it will install.....
You will reboot and then you will be using the new driver most likely. You can run the driver again and do an uninstall and then a reinstall.....and that may work best for you.
If you do not have WinAce or Winzip, then you can usually go to start and run and then type temp or %tmp% and this will open one of two of your temporary directories. The creative driver will usually unzip itself there when you double click the installer. So even if you get the "device not recognized" error. ? Dont close the windows, just tab out and browse to that temp folder and copy the driver folder somewhere else. If the driver is indeed unzipped to your temp folder, its filename on the folder may be gibberish like? .........JHAGWWtpes.tmp or something like that, depending on your operating system, etc.
Good luck and I hope this works for you, as it has worked for me on occasion when I was mixing my Titanium X-FI drivers with my Fatality Pro PCI.

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