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Problems updating PS CC and CC Desktop--attn:Ashutosh Nigam

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I have two problems.  Creative Cloud Desktop says there is a new version of it, and when I try to update, the Adobe Installer seems to go about 80% of the way, and then stops with the following message:
I can’t open the Creative Cloud Desktop, as, when I do so, it tells me:
If I quit, it closes the Desktop, and if I try to update, it fails to install as shown above.
When I tried to update PS CC, by using the Update in Help in PS (v 14.2 x64), it said that there were two updates available, for CC and CC (64Bit).  
I tried to install them both, when it asked me to close PS, which I did, it got upto  99% of installing the first update and then it quit with the error:
As has been reported by others, the error log file referred to merely said:
     Adobe CSXS Infrastructure 4
     Installation failed. Error Code: U44M1P7
Following the advice of Ashutosh Nigam in another post, I have sent him the Installers and the AAMUpdater files.  If I should send them to someone else, or you need any other information, please let me know.
Hopefully, someone can help me fix these problems.


Thanks, Asutosh, for your prompt responses.  Both problems seem to have been solved--at least until the next updates!  

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