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Problem with play video on TV

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sorry my english. I have problem with some VGA cards with TV-out.
When i set on VGA properties clonning view / nView / and i play video via windows media player, on secondary monitor is blank screen - in media player. Desktop is show correctly.. Is this direct show problem ? Is some way to fix this problem ?


I have to assume that the tech support people took you through the basics, like eprebooting the iPad and quitting the videos app, but here is something that sometimes help with the "black, blank" video screen.
Swipe to the right from your first home screen to get to the iPad Spotlight search. Type in the name of any of your movies in the field at the top. When the movie appears in the search - tap on it and it should hopefully start to play. Let it play for a minute or so - hit done - go back to videos app and see if all is OK.

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