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Problem with Pie Chart Size

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I am using the CL_GUI_CHART_ENGINE to show pie charts in a dashboard format. One of my charts has just started to randomly decide to display the pie slices incorrectly.
this is the XML for the data
    <Category>Phone call</Category>
    <Category>Phone Support</Category>
    <Category>Emergency service</Category>
  <Series label="Series" customizing="Series">
    <Point label="$26,815.03">
      <Value type="y">26,815.03</Value>
    <Point label="$17,045.12">
      <Value type="y">17,045.12</Value>
      <Value type="y">0.00</Value>
      <Value type="y">0.00</Value>
    <Point label="$33,914.70">
      <Value type="y">33,914.70</Value>
    <Point label="$23,731.63">
      <Value type="y">23,731.63</Value>
    <Point label="$973.08">
      <Value type="y">973.08</Value>
The problem is, the last point on the pie chart is showing like it is about 85% of the pie. I admit, this is my first attempt at this, but why would it be OK, then suddenly NOT OK.  Any ideas on what i may have coded incorrectly? what does the type indicator in the Value tag represent? i have looked at the documentation available for the chart engine, and it is pretty weak on specifics.
by the way, the label on the very large part of the pie is $973.08, which is considerably less than the values in the other "slices". The data is correct, as far as having the correct values. it is just suddenly displaying it incorrectly, putting the wrong size slice with the categories.
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could it be because the chart is interpreting the values as text values instead of numbers? and 9 would then be much larger than ther other values? I'd try values without comma....tell it it's a numeric value like 12345.67.

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