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Problem of LOV, Datatype Problem

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hi experts
When i applied an LOV on Supplier ID field which is foreign key, i am getting this error please see the Snapshot of form.
Datatype of supplierID in Child Table is Integer while in parent table it is type of DBSequence. I have also apply sequence in database.
One Very Important thing is that i am using lot of LOVs in My project but i am not getting this type of error in any LOV. I am using same techniques in other LOVs. I have not any
problem in database.
Please help me to solve this problem.
Muhammad Nasir


In Record group of second LOV(EMPLOYEES) insert where-clause like:
where emp.DEPTNO = :DEPTNO_you get_from_first_lov
P.S. Please, do better if you write in lowercase, It would be more readable

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