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Printing from desktop suddenly stopped

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printing from desktop suddenly stopped 2 days ago; remote printing still works perfectly; desktop shows printer "uninstalled." Print doctor says the printer and desktop are connected to different routers, but nothing has been changed; the issue simply arose suddenly, so I don't think this is an accurate diagnosis. When I try to install the printer again, it says the IP # is already installed (which it is and it prints from a laptop, just shows "uninstalled" for desktop printing. ) Help!
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Welcome to the HP Community Forum.
If I understand what you are saying, it appears that one computer - the notebook - is working correctly to print.
A different computer -- a Desktop computer - does not print, and is showing an error indicating that the printer is not connected properly (or something similar).
Assuming you are using DHCP and not a Static IP address for the Printer, the following might apply to your setup.
You might try / consider the following to try and fix the problem for the Desktop computer:
On the Desktop:  Remove the Printer software from Control Panel > set icon view > Programs and Features > Right-Click >> Uninstall
Shut down the Desktop Computer
Disconnect the extra bits from the Desktop -- USB drives, speakers, other unnecessary devices.  Leave the monitor and mouse connected; these are considered necessary.
Unplug the Desktop computer for thirty seconds
Reconnect the Desktop computer to the power (plug in)
Reconnect the Desktop's devices as desired:  USB drives, etc.
Shut down the Notebook, using proper shutdown protocols
Shut down the Printer
Switch off the Router - wait ten - fifteen seconds...
Switch on the Router - wait thirty seconds for the Router to boot completely...
Boot Notebook, Desktop computer,  and then start the Printer
Install the Full Feature Software onto the Desktop computer:
Install Full Feature Software – Printer
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