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Print to windows remote printer from solaris Please help

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I basically have 2 machines that are networked ( a solaris 9 sparc machine & a windows machine) The epson C42UX is on the Windows XP machine. I have samba set up on the Unix machine and can succesfully access solaris folders from the my network places folder in windows. My problem is that I want to print documents from my unix machine through the windows printer?
How would I go about doing this, I have searched the documentation for months and all I have come up with is lots of different ways of doing this none of which seem to work? Most of the methods refer to ancient equipment :-)
Also my Epson C42UX is connected to a USB port on windows USB0001 I think. Even if anyone could give me any links to a complete tutorial! I even have 2 samba books which mention about printer setup then conviently assume you no the most difficult parts.
Any Help would be greatly appreciated
iVE been at this for months ........I am starting to see why windows does so well


Are you using Bonjour on the Mac and the PC?
That should fix it.

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