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Print PO item text in different language

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We have a global vendor whose communication language is maintained as PL in vendor master while our logon language is EN.  The text therefore is maintained in PL language.  It seems the output program only picks the text in logon language (EN) and so the PL text is ignored.  Current the solution we can find is either ask user to logon with PL language when he needs to print the PO, or manually input EN as communication language when creating a PO.  But I hope to find a better solution.  I tried changing the the message output to be PL but doesn't help.  Any idea? 
Thanks a lot in advance.


Thanks DEV, to clarify, for this particular PO with PL vendor, only item text in PL language is maintained. It doesn't seem like SD, we can manually choose language and maintain texts in different language (I think I saw some notes saying this - one PO one language of text only).
Also both from other threads I saw and my test proves via maintaining communication condition record with other language doesn't work.
However from you second thread, I am curious about this saying :
If you want to print the PO in different language.
Then in Message determination IMG settings or NACE.
You can modify the output type NEU
here change the language from EN to your relevant language as per SAP.
If you want the both EN other language then copy the std NEU & create as per your requirement & mention the language in that new out put type.
I want to know how to change the language for a output type?  I search the whole output type configuration but I didn't find anywhere to maintain language for a output type.
Thanks Susan
PS, so far I feel the first reply from Sharma makes sense, the only thing is not sure if SAP is supporting the idea of making change to routine (comprehension issue)

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