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PDF to InDesign and text threads

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I have only a PDF of a 300+ page book. I tried using the PDF2ID plug-in to transfer to InDesign CS3, and it looks clean. However, each page comes in as a separate, unthreaded text block. Is there some way to thread all the pages at once?
The book is pretty much straight text.
Alternatively, are there other plug-ins that would do the job?


PDF to InDesign and text threads
Hi Sandee,
Thanks for your quick answer. I tried the trial version and couldn't get the text frames to link so I wrote to recosoft and got the very puzzling answer below. So I'm wondering how this works. Would you know or would you know the direct contact of the gentleman who spoke at the InDesign meeting in SF in January?
> I notice a couple of things, however.
> 1. Converting a whole chapter, I notice that the text boxes are no longer
> linked.
Text Frame linking is only performed within a page and that also PDF2ID has
to perform responsible Text Frame linking otherwise frames that shouldn't be
linked will.
A PDF file doesn't contain any kind of text frame linking information.
PDF2ID makes this on its own.
> I believe one of the new features is to thread text frames.

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