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PDF print postage size in lower right hand corner

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I have a strange issue today, I have a user with the latest version of reader (11.0.5) anytime a job is sent off to the printer it comes out postage size in the lower right corner. What i have tried is
-Print to a different printer, all but 1 work which tells me its an issue with the printer settings somewhere
-change size selection to any variable (actual size, fit, custom scale, etc) doesnt resolve the issue
-change paper size
-reset default printing settings
none of these things worked until i went into advanced -> print as image. the problem with this is that it makes print ques enormous on the print server, and slows down printing significantly. are there any other suggestions for fixinig this?


Turns out i needed to restore all settings to default then uncheck the choose paper source by pdf page size. seems to rpint fine now

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