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PDA Sync Error

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When I sync database from db server to PDA storage card using PDA msync app,
following error has occured from the PDA.
"MS-9006 Could not write to file/PDB. -9006:-112"
I got the error when tested with full db record that has about 21000 records count.
But When I downsized record count to 10000,
it worked well and its pda odb size was 23.4MB.
Does this error related to db record size or count?
Why does this error occur and how can I solve this problem?
Thanks for reading.


What size is your storage card? If it's less than 64 MB then the problem is that your card isn't big enough to fit the whole odb database on there.
The Oracle Lite database (*.odb) can be as large as 4 GB so that's not your problem.
Here is the definition of the error you are getting right from the Oracle Lite documentation:
MS-9006 Cannot write to file/PDB (Palm Only)
Cause: Out of memory.
Action: Delete PDB files to increase capacity
hope this helps.

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