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Hi all,
We have some authorizations to be implemented for business partner search. For example we have added our own field and based on the value in this field we want the user to see or not to see the business partner.
To my understanding we can create our own authorization object and have profile assigned to the users. The question I have how are these authorization objects checked in the model access classes. Does the query method of the accounts application call the authorization object? I believe we will need to write code for it.
Is there some way in which customer can have his own checks in the PC UI queries for the "Accounts" or "Contacts" application?
For example one requirement could be that only accounts of some "role type" should be visible to a set of users. How can we implement such checks when the accounts are searched?
Same issue can be faced when we have search for activities?
Kind Regards,


Hi Amit,
generally for authorization use the Access Control Engine (ACE). This should be the solution for your field based authorization.
For the 'role type' requirement you can derive the class 'CL_BSP_ACC_ACCMOD' an alter the method 'AUTHORITY_CHECK_ROLE'.

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